Monday, January 30, 2012

Colorful Zippers for Sewing Dresses and Skirts

  I have been sewing a lot these days and when you are sewing you need zippers. In the store zippers are expensive ($3 to $5 a piece) and I don't have the money to spend that kind of cash. So, I looked on line and found some great zippers at a lesser price. It is great saving money. I took a few pics of the colorful zippers that I scooped up. They are kind of pretty when you see them all together.
These are all the zippers I picked up. I ordered several specific colors and quantities but then I had the seller choose 8 colors of their own choosing. They gave me those bright yellow zippers (which are so bright, I love it) and several other colors I am sure will be used. The black, light pink, and light blue are the ones that I think will get used fastest. 

Ah! So pretty! I can just picture the dresses and skirts that will include these zippers.


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