Thursday, January 26, 2012

How To Save Money: Wait A Few Days

One of my and many peoples downfalls of spending money is impulse purchasing. It is so easy and fast to just buy something up, but many a time I have buyers remorse after my quick purchase. So, to stop this I have come up with a waiting period for purchasing. I am not talking about spending $5 on a cute little bag but on bigger things. Say I see an amazing pair of boots in the store and they are $75. I really want them right now, but will I feel that way in a few days? I wait and mull it over. If 2 days pass and I still can't live without them, I will get them. Sometimes all it takes is time and some thinking to realize that you don't need an item.  Many times I don't even remember what I wanted.
I understand this does not really work well with auction sites and other sites like the egl sales comm. Even there you might find your time waited worked. There have been several items that I have seen and immediately wanted but I waited and 2 days later it is still up for grabs. And because I waited a few days I asked for a cheaper price and got it.
Try it. If you don't save a little money I would be very surprised.


  1. I try to do this, but I usually end up still wanting it and then it's too late because it's gone =[

  2. I was going to buy the Zelda limited edition 3DS and the Skyward Sword limited edition, but after a week or so, I realised that I wouldn't actually be using them that much and it would just be a waste of money. So waiting truly does work ;)

  3. I'm always suckered into buying stuff if there's a time limit on it. Like a 48 hour sale, or a reserve period like with Mary Magdalene x3

  4. If something is in a trift store and its only a few dollars I'll buy it, but I know the feeling. I do that with books in the store all the time. I'll carry whatever item around while looking at other things and if I decide it isn't such a good idea I put it back where I found it.

  5. Really interesting!!
    I agree!


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