Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Skirt Design Revision

I have been working on my grey and black skirt for a few days now and I have made a few changes. Upon closer inspection I realized that the grey plaid fabirc is heavier than the black. Therefore it needed to go underneath the black. If I didn't make this change the skirt would not sit well. It would look droopy. Boo, droopy. So! I just switched and I think it looks perfectly fine.
When I make skirts and dresses I like to use lost of fabric to make the skirt and ruffles. I think makes it fuller and gives it more movement when you walk. The fuller the skirt the prettier it is. 
It is almost done. All I have to do is sew the 2 layers together and attach the waist band. This will take a bit of time as to avoid bunching fabric.  I hope to finish it today and take pictures. It will be quite lovely once it is done.


  1. I like both designs <3 I'm excited to see this one when it's done!

  2. This looks so pretty! Can't wait to see the finished skirt. And I completely agree about the fuller skirt thing :)) I really love it when my skirts swishes and such when I walk!


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