Monday, April 26, 2010

Daily Lolita Highlight - Chokelate

  To start off the week I thought I would highlight a certain type of Lolita that I find fascinating and daring.  Guro!  The lolita_handbook defines Guro as.......
This style also goes by "grotesque lolita" or "injured lolita". Any style of loli clothing will work for this because it's all about what you add to it (though it is more often seen on punk or goth lolis). Eyepatches, blood stains, fake bruises, bandages, and even slings give you that "broken dolly" look. This style can either look scary and gruesome or cute and all please-fix-me.
  Most posts on Daily Lolita are of what the girls/guys wore for the day.  Cute skirts and cutsews, adorable jackets, and shots of cute poses in bedrooms and malls.  It is a pleasant surprise whenever someone shows us something different.  Chokelate showed something different with her Guro photo shoot and I love it!
Okay.  It might sound a bit strange but the vibe I get from this photo shoot is that she was a porcelain doll who came to life, got the stigmata, and came back to life as a zombie.  Stigmata Zombie Doll.  I mean this in the best way possible.  I freaking love it!  She is so broken looking.
  This was her first attempt at Guro and I think she did a splendid job.  Her outfit is completely made up of off brand pieces.  My favorite piece is the under bust corset.  I love corsets with practically anything.  When I was earning my BS in Fashion Design my Special Topics class was all corsets.  Our teacher specialized in costume (theater) and loved corsets and wanted to teach us how to make a proper corset.  We made 2 in that class, 1 general use and one period.  The period corset is way to extreme for me but the general use one is amazing.  I made it about 2 years ago and it gets used multiple times a week.  I wear it under my clothes, over shirts/blouses, and however else I can.  The one that Chokelate wears is perfect for this cord.   All of the white lacing up the front has such a medical feel to it.
The makeup that she chose was perfect.  Every time I see a shoot done and the girl has perfect make up I am super jealous.  A heavy lined eye and red and burned color shadow make her look so dark and sinister.  I think I am going to have to play around with make up and experiment.   Another thing I have to mention is the poses.  Her poses are perfect for this shoot.  She looks so delicate with her long limbs and so creepy with her stares.  Kudos on the poses Chokelate.  That is something else I have to work on.  I get all giggly whenever I have to pose anything more than just your standard smile at the camera.  
I loved this shoot by Chokelate and look forward to seeing more from her if the future. 

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  1. Guro lolita is very interesting, not so many girls do it though. This girl's look really suits guro!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. I think I would just die if I saw a Sailor Moon room, that would be so fabulous!


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