Friday, April 9, 2010

I think cats are the bees knees!

  I have been making alot of jewlery the past week or so and my spot for jewlery making is in the lving room.  I sit on the floor, use the coffee table and floor as my desk, and set a warm blanket on my lap.  My cat Eirwyn loves this.  I am pretty sure her first priority in life is to be warm.  Wherever there is heat, she is there.  Yesterday, I was doing my usual thing and I look down.  She is cuddled up against my legs and in the blanket.  This is normal, but the pose that she was is was too cute for words.  I had my camera right on the table so I pinked it up, turned it on, and went to take her pic.  Then she moved!  I am pretty sure cats know when you plan on taking a picture of them and move so they ruin it.  Luckily, she moved into an equally cute pose.  This is what I ended up with.  "Squeeeeee!"  Too cute!
I love that she is looking directly into the camera.  I love her little kitty eyes.


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