Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feedback Page

Since Loligoth Database is switching owners and things aren't running as smoothly as I would like I am doing a feedback page of my own.  Just leave a comment with your feedback.  Thank You.


  1. Type of Feedback: Positive.
    I am a: Buyer.
    Communication Rating: 3
    Shipping Rating: 5
    Description of experience: I bought 7 rings from her. Shipping wasn't as fast as expected (took 3 weeks to get the items) due to personal issues on her part, but I didn't need them especially quickly so it wasn't a problem ^^ These issues, however, also kept her from responding to my emails in a timely fashion, but she eventually got back to me and I received the rings that very day. They were well packed in a small cardboard box with bubble wrap inside and I was also given a cute free gift of a cell phone charm =] They are very cute, well-made, and comfortable to wear. In conclusion, the wait was worthwhile for these beautiful rings! ^^

  2. Type of feedback: Positive.
    I am a: Buyer.
    Communication Rating: 5
    Shipping Rating: 4
    Description of experience: I bought 4 rings from her. Shipping took 3 weeks to arrive but it was packed up nicely with a short message and a gift necklace. Some problems came up (forgot to send an extra ring my friend bought) but they were resolved shortly because she always responded quickly. I love the rings to death and I would definetely buy from her again! :)


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