Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Items to Buy for Spring

  I just got a shippment of supplies in the mail a little over a week ago so I have been crafting up a storm.  new earrings and necklaces were my focus.  I got the cutest gold chain that is sooo sparkly and delicate that I am using it up like it is going out of style. 
  I love getting new supplies!  It is so fun.  You get the package open it up and all of these ideas pop like bubbles into my head.  Since it is spring I decided to make most of the pieces light, delicate, and super feminine.  I also added a bit more shine and sparkle than I normally do.
  I havn't been too into earrings because I don't wear them but the supplies I ordered just screamed to be made into pretty dangly earrings.

  I also made several cute necklaces.  I went with a few large charms and sprinkling of smaller ones with the bow necklaces.  There is something about a big bow that just gets me and makes me smile.  Here are the first 2 necklaces that I have put up in the shop.  I will be adding more tonight and tomorrow.
I will have to get gussied up and take some pictures of me wearing the new pieces.  Perhaps later this week.  Bye.


  1. Those are so cute~~ <3 Beautiful work!

  2. adorable earrings! One looks pretty much like alice-inspired, I love it!


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