Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A PAX Story

Alright.  This is probably the most exciting story from PAX for me.  It is not the happiest or best story from PAX but it is the most memorable.
  Friday night after my group ate dinner at an awesome Thai place we went back to the con to check out the table top gaming halls and later catch the Mc Frontalot show.  We were talking to a developer of the game Revolution (which we bought and will play this weekend) and I had to use the loo.  So, I went to the closest ladies room, did my business, and started to make my back to my group.  I rode the escalator down a level and turned into the table top gaming hall.  As I did, someone came up running behind me yelling and grabbed both of my shoulders as they got to me.  I think I yelped in surprise.  I turned around and I saw a very snazzily dressed Asian man bent over and rubbing his ankle.  He looked up at me and I recognized him as Penny Arcades very own Robert Khoo.  (Below, he is depicted in one of the Penny Arcade comics)
  He started telling me that he had chased me down the escalator and ran after me. Still rubbing his ankle and hopping on his other foot he said he had just twisted his ankle when he caught me.  He had chased me down to take a picture of the Fruit F'er backpack that I had made.  I told him I recognized him, introduced myself, shook hands, and started talking about my outfit and bag.
  He took pictures of it and me and I asked if I could get a picture with him.  He said yes so we walked over to my group (25 feet away).  Dereck, my husband, took our picture.  (below)  Isn't he cute?
  I thanked him and told him I hoped his ankle was okay.  He hobbled away (literally) and I told my group what had happened.
  The next day I went to the Rooster Teeth panel and everyone else went to the Naughty Dog panel.  They did not get into the Naughty Dog panel due to such a long line so they walked around the con to kill time while I was at mine.  I got out of the panel and they were all waiting for me.  Dereck had a couple surprises for me.  1, he got me the new Mc Frontalot cd and it was signed, and 2, he had a picture to show me.
  The above picture is of Robert holding a cane.  When I saw this picture on the camera I literally starting crying within 10 seconds.  Tears running down my face, standing in the middle of a huge crowd, and feeling terrible my whole group starts to laugh at me.  Apparently, while they were walking around they saw him in the crowd and he was holding someones cane while they got something out of their bag. So, Dereck took the picture (talk about timing).  I still felt terrible even though they told me it was not his and that he was walking around.
  On Sunday the last day of the convention we went to the Q&A panel with Gabe and Tycho.  I want to ask them if Robert was okay but the lines were way too long.  While we were waiting for the panel start Robert walked in along the wall.  He was talking with a few of the other Penny Arcade people and also waiting for the panel to begin.  I got up from me seat and walked over to him.  When he saw me he recognized me and started waving his hands and talking to the fella next to him and pointing at me.  I walked over and apologized and asked if he was okay.  He lifted up his pant leg and had a freaking brace on it!!!  He said it was sprained.  He told his friend about what happened Friday night and about my backpack.   Alright, I just about cried right there.  It took about all of my strength and will power not to let the tears fall.  I told him about the picture my husband took, how I felt really bad, and asked if he had insurance. ( He does)  We talked for a few minutes and then I said my final sorry and said goodbye.
  So there you go!  I inadvertently sprained Roberts ankle.  I still feel very bad.  We are going to PAX again next year so I will have to be sure that I don't let this happen again.


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