Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tychos Dress Update Part 3

  I did a bit of sewing last night an more sewing today.  I actaully got so engrossed in sewing today that I forgot to eat and drink.  I was just about to go to work and I realized that I was super hungry and thirtsy.  So, I treated myself to an Iced Coffe and Low Fat Blueberry muffin from Dunkin Donuts on my way to work.  The picture below is a little decieving.  It looks as if I am further along than I am.  I pinned it together on the dress for just to see how it is coming out and to make up my mind about a few design/embellishment details.
I am adding a light blue stripe toward the bottom of the skirt to mirror and top and add a bit of interest to the bottom.  The skirt needs a little punching up.  The bow is also just a stand in bow. I really love the back of this skirt and I cannot wait for it to be done.  I have a lot of ruffling to do.


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