Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Stuff! Yea!

  That is right.  Free stuffs.  I am going to Penny Arcade Expo this weekend.  I have been working on these cute dresses to wear so I should be pretty easy to spot.  Why would you want to spot me there you ask?  Well, if you go to PAX and find me I will give you a lucky pack of cute jewelry and accessories.  All you have to do is find me on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, come up to me and tell me that you want free jewelry I will give it to you.  Perhaps I should come up with a password, lets see.  The passoword will be "SWEET".  You don't have to be in Lolita but if you do come in Lolita you might just get a little something extra on top of the lucky pack. 
  Lets break it down.  Come to PAX, find me in my Gabe or Tycho dress, and give me the password SWEET, and then you get free goodies.  Even if you don't remember the password I will still probably give you stuff. 
  Look out for these dresses.  (they will be finished at PAX, duh)

    I don't want to post the finished pictures yet because I want it to be a suprise.  look for them tomorrow or Friday.  Also, if you are interested in pictures of PAX I am planning on bringning my camera and camcorder and posting them the pics/videos on the blog all weekend.


  1. Omg you are too awesome =D
    Too bad I live in Europe...

    These dresses are beautiful by the way, I love the colour of the blue one and the scallops on the yellow. <3

  2. Hi! (posted this on LJ too)
    That is so nice of you to give away goodies bags! Unfortunately, I will not be at PAX, :( BUT my boyfriend will be there. Can he get a goodie bag for me? I hope he'll remember the password. :P

    I love your jewelery btw! It's so cute! ^__^


  3. Of course he can get it for you!

  4. Awesome! Thank you very much! ^_^ I hope he'll be able to find you in the crowd!
    He has 3 days, he'd better! :P

  5. Hi! I hear my BF found you! xD
    Success! <3 Haha, thanks for giving it to him, I can't wait to see it! <3 I'm here back in FL and he won't let me know what is in it! Hee hee. :P

    He told me that he thought the bag of fruitfucker that you made to go with the dress was cool. xD

  6. I got so excited when he found me. He has good eyes. He founds me after being there for about an hour and a half. I hope you like the jewelry when he gets it to you.


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