Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tycho Dress Update for PAX

  So, I spent about 4 hours sewing today and the bodice is coming along.  All the pieces are together except the collar.  I think I am going to do some sewing when I get home from work, sew the collar on and drape the skirt.  I know the general idea for the skirt but I have a few ideas and designs that I am tossing back and forth in my head.  What type of lace I am going to use, the color of the ruffles, and tings like that.  Here is what I have so far....
  I really like a dress/jsk with lots of gathering on the back.  That way it can be worn by several people, different sizes, and it can account for layers under it or weight gain and loss.  Fitted dresses are nice and tailored but they are less practical.  I like my Lolita to be easy to wear and friendly. 
  Speaking of other wearing my clothes.  I think I might sell these babies once they are done and once I have gone to the convention.  After all, this blog is about my debt and getting out of debt by selling my designs.  At PAX I might spread that word that I am going to sell them and if I get enough interest.  I also want to start making OP's, JSK's, and skirts to sell.  All one of a kind.  I do not like making things in repeat.  It's not that I think I am doing couture.  I just get bored making things over and over.  I like every project to be new, interesting, and fun.  I think when I am excited about a piece it comes though in my work.
  As a bonus here is a picture of my other kitty, Bella.  She likes to "help" me make my jewelry.


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