Thursday, March 4, 2010

Gabe Dress in Progress

  Well, it has been quite some time since I have posted about my sewing so I am gonna give you a little peek at what has been going on  in my sewing room.
  My husband and I are going to the Penny Arcade Expo at the end of this month and I am making 2 dresses to wear for the weekend.  Both of them are interpretations of the 2 main characters outfits and made into Lolita dresses.  I am making the Gabe dress first because my huband said he would like to see that one first.  I was equally excited to make both of them so I could not decide. 
  I draped the bodice on my form (I hate to draft patterns.  My mind does not work well when making clothes and wrting it down on paper.)  and cut out the bodice fabric. I bodice is mostly done.  I have to sew cute little buttons down the middle, put in the zipper, and a few tiny details.  I have the skirt pannels draped so all I have to do is cute them out, drape the lining, and them sew, sew, sew.  I am also making an apron to go over the JSK.  The Gabe dress is an underbust JSK and I will wear a black blouse under it.  I have never made an underbust and I think it is coming along pretty well.
   I am soooo excited for them to be done.  I really hope they come out just like I picture them.  If they do then they will come out adorable.  Here are a few pics of what I have so far.

   I just love the way the straps hug the side of the bust and curve around on top of the shoulders.  It is very attractive and gives a very nice fit.  Oooo, I almost can't contain my excitment!

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  1. It is coming out really nicely! (^_^) It looks so professional!


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