Monday, March 15, 2010

New Dress for PAX, Tycho!

  I am a little sick of staring at bright yellow so I started the next dress for PAX that I am going to wear.  When I was designing these dresses and thinking about them I was so sure that the super fun and bright Gabe dress was going to be my favorite one but now I am having second thoughts on that.  The moment I starting sewing the light blue stripes on the bodice I got excited and the color palette alone made me love it already.  The biggest element of Tycho's outfit that I borrowed was the muted blue color and the bright blue stripe on his sweater. 
  So far I have drafted the bodice, cut out the bodice, sewn the stripes on the bodice, sewn the channels for the gathering on the back, and attatched the ribbon the to the front for the "corset lacing".  The lapel on this dress is adorable.  Kind of a wide Peter Pan.  Here is my progress thus far...

Please excuse the messy desk.  I can't wait to drape the bottom.  I have never done an open back skirt.  I think I will do pretty well.  Draping is just like sculpting clay, just lay the fabric where you want it and play around with it until it looks like it does in your head.

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