Saturday, March 13, 2010

Daily Lolita Highlight - Mad Aristocrat

  It is a dreary and rainy day here in Upstate New York so I thought I would highlight a Lolita that fits the mood with gorgeously dark outfits and lovely poses.  I am drawn to Sweet Lolita and Deco but one of my not so secret desires is to try Gothic Lolita.  There is something about the head to toe black outfits and the serious looks.  On my recent frolicking around Daily Lolita on EGL I bumped into Mad Aristocrats post.  I was blown away but her outfit, accessories, and the vibe that she gave off.  Super Cool.
  How cute is she in this AP replica by Kidsyoyo? I like it when Lolitas take lighting into consideration when they are taking pictures or doing a photo shoot and you can tell the lighting was thought about in this picture.  Another thing that I like is twinning.  In the below picture it took me a minute to figure out whether it was 2 girls twinning or a nice "photoshopping".  Then, I read the post and it turned out it was a friend of hers, Selaja.  They both have the same cute pouty face and long brown hair.
   The second set of pictures she had are my favorite.  Her outfit is primarily made up of Moitie and includes that well known Church Gate skirt.  Her whole outfit is put together so thoughtfully and looks like a dream.  The head dress is one of my personal favorite parts of the outfit.  I love that she didn't go crazy with the make-up and kept it kind of natural.  Her pale pink lips and white nail polish accent her outfit very nicely.  And there is nothing that I like more than a hand full of rings are bracelets/wrist cuffs.  Of course I love lots of accessories and jewelry!
   I love her shoes in both sets of pictures.  The boots are by BTSSB and the shoes in the above pictures are AatP.  I don't have any name brand shoes or boots and boy am I jealous.  And, for the big finish she posted a funny picture of her and her poor balance.  (I can identify with that.) Good to see a Lolita having a good time and smiling a big smile. Very nice Mad Aristocrat!


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