Monday, March 29, 2010

PAX Weekend Pictures

  Well, PAX did not go quite how I thought and hoped it would but it was still fun none the less.  First off, there will only be pictures of me in the blue Tycho dress due to me only wearing that dress.  Why did I only wear the blue dress you ask?  To put it bluntly, I made the Yellow Gabe dress too small and I could not zip it up.  This was my own fault.  I forgot to try on the dresses before we went to Boston.  I guess I just assumed that since I made them on the form and the form was my size that they would fit no problem.  I also guess that the form was a size smaller that me when I drapped the fabric.
  No worries though.  My blue dress was a hit and Lolita's and thier boyfriends alike found me no problem.
Here are a few quick shots of me at the live recording of the Joystiq podcast.  (which was amazing and hillarious)

  The first shot is of us filling into the room before the podcast and the second is of the whole room holing up our free swag that we got.  I got an awesome Ds game.  My husband got Wii Cheer 2, Haha!  Here is the killer back shot of the Tycho dress and my back pack.
I will have more pictures and more stories tomorrow and all this week.


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