Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh Bodyline, How I Love Thee....And How You Save Me Money!

  Whenever I want to buy new cute things to wear I hop on over to Bodyline to pretend shop.  I have next to no money (due to the debt in the above banner) and cannot afford to buy new clothes whenever I want.  To make me feel a little better I go and pretend that I am shopping.  I look at the new items, add the stuff I want to my cart, and that is it.  I don't check out.  I don't pay.  I don't worry about shipping.  This allows me to daydream and get the urge to shop for new JSK's and skirts.  I don't spend a cent and feel better.  Here is what was in my pretend shopping cart today.
  So, when ever you are in a spending mood and want new dresses and boots but don't have the money try pretend shopping.  You actually feel really good about yourself and proud after that you didn't give into temptation and spend money that you didn't have or couldn't afford to spend.


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  2. I misspelled something.. SORRY.

    I absolutely looove the tartan pieces. I don't care what people say about Bodyline, I love it.

  3. Ahaha, I do that all the time. For some reason, it's fun to calculate how much I would theoretically be spending for all the stuff I'd love to buy. But. Doing that with Brand clothes just kinda makes me want to cry. Bodyline's safe. It ALMOST feels like you could buy all the things you want.


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