Monday, June 28, 2010

Chase Away The Monday Blues With This Sweet Daily Lolita Highlight

  I thought it would be nice to start off this week with nice bright and happy Daily Lolita Highlight.  The following Daily Lolita Highlight is not just one girl but two, super fun.  Crazy_Kitch got her sister to join in the fun and they look cute as 2 cute ruffly peas in a pod together.  (If peas were ruffly)  She states that her sister does not usually wear Lolita but she looks just darling and it is just darling that her sister did that for her.
  Decked out in Angelic Pretty prints Dreamy Doll House and Miracle Candy and more pink and blue that you can throw a parasol at these two are a cotton candy vision.  The days of super sugary outfits has passed for me but I still LOVE to see it on other Lolitas.  With bows, pearls/beads, ribbons, and charms caking their hair and wrists their accessories are spot on for any super sweet Angelic Pretty print. 
Part of what I love about their outfits is the mixing of expensive brand pieces along with off-brand and what looks to be handmade pieces as well.  I am a big believer in eclectic outfits and doing something different.  Whether its mixing brands, mixing brand with non, sewing your own pieces, adding traditionally non-Lolita pieces and making them work, and what not.  Along with their Angelic Pretty dresses they are wearing Bodylines cute pink bag and new Rocking Horse Shoes.  (I really like the RHS from body line, they are super cute and I have heard good things about them.)
After the pictures with her sister she decided to make a costume change and hopped into the blue Miracle candy print.  I can't decide which one I like better on her.  She looks very nice in both pink and blue.


  1. Gosh both of those dresses are so cute!

  2. ah~~~~~~~~~~! The bunny one is sooo cute! But both are equally nice!! Such a cute post ^^

  3. I saw this post..
    They look so lovely!!


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