Monday, June 7, 2010

Selling SweetSuzette in stores

  Today I ran around Saratoga Springs to see if any cute boutiques wanted to sell  my jewelry in their stores.  I loaded up with business cards, jewelry, invoice pad, and water.  A lot of the stores were cute but not quite right for my jewelry to be sold in.  My stuff is cute and light and most of the stores are cool and hip.  I left my card for the shop girls to give to the owners (when the owner was not there) and spread the word that I am trying to sell. 
 I did hit a good one though.  80 West!  It is a nice trendy little shop right on Broadway where there is a nice steady stream of foot traffic.  The store is still really young (1 year old) and not well known but I think there is potential there.  Mary-Lou is one of the owners and super friendly.  She agreed to sell about 30 of my pieces on commission.  I set up a little table that is all pink and cute.  Hopefully things will go well at the shop and soe of my pieces will sell.
  I also got lots of compliments on my outfit today.  I went in all Lolita.  Blue Bodyline dress, white boots, blue BL bag, flowers in my hair, and  lots and lots of pearls.  I would hear "Cute Dress" from behind me and people passing by.  I always smile, wave, and say Thank You.  I like when people are nice.
  Lastly, I did a whole lot of nothing on Lolita Day but I still wanted to dress all pretty.   Here is a quick shot.  My cat Bella wanted to be in the shot as well.  She always manages to hop into my pictures somehow. 
I am all about lots of flowers in my hair right now.  When I do my hair every day whether or not I am going to be in Lolita I always end up putting bunches of those petals in my hair.  It must be the nice spring/summer weather.


  1. I love that outfit! It's very sweet! :) So you like to do your hair up? It looks great! I never have the patience to do my hair...

    That is great news about getting your jewelery out there in stores! I wish you the best of luck. ^__^ Hee hee, I can't wait for my rings to come in~

  2. Super cute dress! Your cat is so cute, too!! :-))

  3. That's really awesome that you went to stores to sell your jewelry. I think it's great that you have that spirit! I hope your pieces will sell^^

  4. Well done, that's a big step! I hope your pieces sell fast and they take more in. Congratulations!

  5. Lovely outfit!!! That sounds like you found a good place, good luck!


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