Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dreaming of Working in Lolita

  I have a Bachelors in Fashion Design and you might think that I should work in a cool fashion house or boutique.  Spending my days designing, sketching, sewing, working the floor (and looking  oh so cute and cool in my Lolita duds) at a job that embraces a fresh fashion sense and freedom to wear what you find fit.  I think I should work in this job too.  But to no avail, there are no such jobs around me.  Since I am living in a very un-fashion conscious or fashion caring part of Upstate New York I have to make due with smaller jobs not in my specified field. 
  I have been working at my current job (the front desk of my local YMCA)for about and year and a half now.  It is a fine enough job I find that there are a few factors that are making me not like my job so much these days.  One of the big ones is that fact that I have to wear a hideous bright red unisex YMCA polo shirt every day.  And, that is all we can wear.  You wear your Y shirt and black/ khaki pants.  I push this a bit by wearing a black knee length skirt.  This dress code is getting to me more and more everyday.  I hate my work uniform.  (I know hate is a strong word and let me tell you, I really do hate it.  Perhaps once I am done with the job I will burn the shirt and skirt.) 

  My dream is being able to work in my Lolita clothing and not a uniform.  Please understand me, I will not be going to work in the sweetest and sugariest Angelic Pretty Op with over the top pink pigtails and bows.  I just want to wear my Classic Lolita goodies.
  I have daydreams every day of working in a cute cafe, library, tiny shop, or bead store in my white button down blouse, dreamy light pink floral skirt (that I just made), and a pair of cute Mary Jane's.  Is this too much to ask for?  I will happily wear the name tag or the lanyard.  I picture walking amongst the books, tables, and shelves and being happy at work.  Most of my smiles at this current job are fake smiles that I muster up so people think that I am happy there.
  When it comes down to it, it is not just the clothes.  It is several small matters that just add up and are becoming too much for me to ignore.  I just want to be happy at work.  I can no longer be happy at the YMCA and must eventually move on.
  I have been compiling a list of local shops that seem like they should be a good fit for me.  I believe they don't have uniforms, they don't have unhappy people yelling at me every day, they are small and cozy, and they are or have something that I am passionate about.  I love fashion, jewelry, baking, and books/reading.  I  will be handing in applications and resumes to multiple book shop, gift shops, bakeries, and bead shops.  I think I could be very happy in one of these places.  Happy people go to these places.  They buy books, muffins, gifts, and other nice things.  I will update you girls once some progress has been made.  Maybe you will be lucky enough to see my super cute resume that I am working on. 
*Please note the above pictures are not mine and do not claim them to be my own.


  1. I agree that must be very frustrating. >_< I hope that you can find a job that is nicer and allows you more freedom to wear what you like. I also hope that you eventually get a great job in fashion. :) goodluck!

    Haha, I've never been to NYC and on TV they always show the fashionable places, it never occurred to me that there was an unfashionable spot in NYC.

  2. Actually, I live in Upstate NY. Not in the city.

  3. Where about in Upstate NY do you live if you don't mind my asking? I'm from Binghamton and it'd be great to find a lolita nearby ^ ^

  4. Ahhh, I live near Saratoga Springs.

  5. Oh I see. ;) I guess that is how I live in Florida, everyone thinks I go to the beach all the time. But actually I live in a part of Florida where there is no beach right outside my door. The nearest beach is 2 hrs away!

  6. I absolutely would looove to work while wearing even casual lolita or (cosplay). I love dressing up. It makes me feel more like myself and much more comfortable.

    My major / minor isn't fashion design or business, but I would love to work in a nice cafe or boutique where I can maybe chime in for designs or serve people in cute coords without being over the top.

  7. I can sympathize with you, a lot.
    I may not be lolita, but I cannot tolerate dress codes.

  8. At least you have a job.

    I wouldn't mind being forced to wear a uniform if I had a job right now.
    Of course being able to wear Lolita to work would be the greatest thing in the world but still...

    Be thankful sweetie~ <3


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