Friday, June 25, 2010

Daily Lolita Highlight- LavenderLillies

  I have been slacking on the Daily Lolita Highlight segments and I have quite a backlog of gorgeous girls that need to be put on display.  So, I will be trying to do a couple of highlights every week.  This weeks highlight is from a little while ago and I am sorry I did not get to it sooner. 
  LavenderLillies caught my attention with the way she put together a coordinate, her own alternative look on Lolita, and her plain old coolness.  In middle school and the very beginning of high school I wanted to be cool and tried desperately to "fit in".  After I got over that I started to just be me and be my own person who did what she wanted to and did not care about the cool kids.  I think that in itself is cool and I see that in LavenderLillies.  She comes across as being comfy in her own skin and that makes her cool.  So, congrats on being too cool for school LavenderLillies!

  Her Peace Now casual Loli coordinate in all black with hints of white is just splendid. I love the tiers of ruffles on the bottom of the blouse and the the ruffle of the skirt.  If they were not there I feel the outfit would be severely lacking.  You can check out more of her pictures on her post here on Daily Lolita.
  Her short wavy hair is so light and carefree and the head eating black bow are a perfect match.  I also love the over the knee socks and adorable black bowed shoes.  I have had a soft spot for knee and over the knee socks for many years now and when ever I see them I immediately like an outfit about 7.5% more. 
  This second coordinate is too lovely and fancy for words.  The killer poses she is striking scream Parisian model.  All elbows and mile long legs (because of those amazing shoes which she got at Hot Topic, but I think they are perfect) she still embodies the cool element.  The back Peace now blouse and skirt, black corset, and Betsey Johnson socks are such a clever mixing.  She looks just lovely.  Another thing I like about her in these shots is that she looks beautiful without tons of make-up and over the top hime hair.  I really love when a Lolita can do something different and still look just darling.  Good job done LavenderLillies.


  1. O how adorable she is - both her clothes and she's just so pretty.

  2. I agree with Indie. She is adorable, and you are right that she seems to comfortable with herself, which is great. :-)

  3. I love her socks! GAH! I WANT THEM! XD


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