Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Rings For Sale

  I will be doing a ring sale on the EGL sales page tomorrow around noon-ish.  I made lots and lots of cute new ones.  I added a few shiny jewel looking ones.  Hop on over tomorrow and get a few.  Ah, don't forget that with all of my ring sales I give away 1 free one once you buy 6 rings.
That is just a little sampling of the cute goodies.


  1. w0w!! they r super kawaii!!
    i t0tally l0ve em!
    hmm, may i ask, how much each of em cost?
    i cant wait! =D

  2. Prices......
    1 ring= $4.00
    2 rings= $7.00
    3 rings= $10.00
    4 rings= $13.00
    5 rings= $16.00
    6 rings= $19.00 plus 1 free ring
    Shipping is $2.5o in the USA and $3.00 international.

  3. So lovely rings! I'm sure you will get them sold very fast, since they are so lovely! :-))

    Thanks for joining my giveaway, wish you good luck! :-))

  4. Did I miss the sale? :O
    That was fast!
    How much is shipping for a ring? thank you

  5. Those rings are so cuuuuuuute! :-) I hope they sell well.

  6. There's too many choices! I can't decided!


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