Friday, June 11, 2010

What I am Reading- The Three Sisters Island Trilogy (Dance Upon The Air)

 I love to read.  There is nothing like escaping into another world and story.  I especially love stories with magic and fanciful elements.  Since reading is popular amongst the Lolitas I though it would be nice to share what I am reading.
  One of my favorite authors is Nora Roberts.  I know I know.  You might be thinking, "Romance novels are all Fabio and women with heaving bosoms."  Not Nora Roberts.  About 5 years ago I worked at Barnes and Nobel and loved to talk books with my co-workers.  I read all of the books by my favorite author Dean Koontz and asked my co-workers who they liked for recommendations.  One of them told me to try Nora Roberts.  I resisted because I liked mystery, horror, suspense, and big bad guys/monsters.  She told me her books had all of those things but just with romance as well.  Boy was she right.  Roberts's books walk a fine line of romance, suspense, impending evil, and personal growth.  They are perfect for me and might be perfect for you as well.

  So onto the first books.  The Three Sisters Island trilogy.  The trilogy is made up of Dance upon the Air, Heaven and Earth, and Face the Fire.  The first book Dance Upon The Air is my favorite one of the three. Here is the quick little blurb from the inside cover.
  I really like the main character, Nell Channing.  She is mild but also very strong.  She loves to cook and bake, make people happy, and is strong on the inside but does not look it on the outside.  Her love interest sheriff Zach Todd has a super sweet personality and is very likeable.  I highly suggest checking out his book along with the other two in the trilogy.  Happy reading!


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