Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Bead Store Near Me- Black Bear Beads

  I do most of my jewelry supply shopping on line through Etsy and other on-line sellers/vendors.  The other bit of shopping is done at "local" craft stores.  The closest store is JoAnn's fabric store which is about 25 minutes away from my place.  They have a small but okay selection of the staples but they are just a little too expensive for what they have.  The next closest store is A.C. Moore which is about just shy of an hour away.  They have a much better jewelry/supply section but they still are a bit too expensive.  But Now.  *happy trumpet sounds* There is a place that is close, very close.  Black Bear Beads is a new bead shop (only two months old) that is literally within walking distance of my apartment.  Yea!!!
  I heard about them from a co-worker and hunted them down on Google and made my way to their shop.  It is very small, like 1 room small but very nice.  They carry all of the regular findings like jump rings, earring hooks, eye pins, and so on.  They also carry lots of super fun and unique beads.  I met one of the co-owners of the shop on my first visit yesterday.
  Bonnie was super friendly.  We talked about beads, jewelry, the rain, our marriages, fashion, and oodles of other random things.  I really liked the shop and Bonnie so much I think I will put in an application for employment.  I think I could really be happy working in a bead shop.  Anyway, I also made several purchases so here is my haul.
  All of my goodies were packed into a little black and white bag that has little paw prints on it. *cute*
Here is the full load of goodies that I got.  Lots of pearls, crimpers, gold necklace hoops, black stretch cord, and a jump ring ring. 
The pearls that the shop had were super pretty and they had the nicest colors.
I lost my tiny pair of crimp pliers so I bought a nicer and bigger pair.  I also bought 2 strands of  "pearls" that are pink and light blue.  Together the colors look like cotton candy.  Yumm.  The last and possibly the best thing I bought is a jump ring ring.  it is a ring that you wear on your finger that has several slits in it.  You put the jump ring in the slot and use a small pair of pliers to open the jump ring.  It was only 1 dollar so I thought I would give it a chance.
I will have to dive into my new goodies and show you girls some new pieces when they are done.  
Black Bear Beads is not going to be my new shopping source for every thing but it will be a new seller that I will be using on a regular basis and will be walking to on a regular basis as well.

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  1. ooh indeed those are some nice pearls! love the peachy and purple colour! Never saw anything like that jump ring ring opener. I just use 2 pliers to open it :D


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