Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daily Lolita Highlight - Candies and Laces

 It is a nice and dreary Wednesday, the week is half over, and one of my cute little kitties cuddled up beside me.  It is a good time to do a Daily Lolita highlight. 
  I love looking at the Daily Lolita on egl because you get to see the newest collections/prints on girls, you see how people make up their coordinates, make up, and hair, and pictures from meet ups.  Like many Lolitas out there, I live in an area where I am the only Lolita within quite a radius.  So it is nice to see all of my Lolita girls every day through the internet and live-journal. 
  My latest Daily Lolita Highlight is a lovely minty beauty, Candies and Laces.  These pictures are from a picnic that she went to and they chose a beautiful location and lucked out with nice weather. 
  When I first got into Lolita I was all into sugary Sweet but now my tastes are leaning more towards classic and the more subdued looks.  Candies and Laces does this in a great way.  She is cute and sweet without being over the top and too sweet.  I love it!  Her lovely minty OP by Le Carrousel is awesome.  Her perfect combination of mint and white keep the whole outfit light and young.
There are just so many elements of her outfit that I love.  I love the colors, the pearls draped everywhere, her mature and pretty make-up, and her hair!  The hair!  I completely embrace what she is doing with her hair in these pictures.   Her soft side swept bangs add a bit of romance and the up swept braid and delicate butterflies are too perfect with this outfit.  I know most Lolitas favor big long curly hair but I enjoy and prefer (for myself) an up-do.  Having her hair is a great choice with this particular outfit because it allows you to see all of the gorgeous necklaces and her super cool tattoo on her back.  I think we should strive to wear our hair up more in cute "do's"
Another part of her outfit that I love are her nails.  Her nails look so soft, clean, and the color is amazing.  I find I don't have the patience to paint my nails nicely and I get a little jealous whenever I see girls with extra nicely painted nails.  So good job Candies and Laces, I am officially jealous.  This girl knows how to put together a coordinate and look good.


  1. That is very beautiful ♥ and classy!! ♥♥ I love classic lolita and wished it fit me ;_;

  2. I looove minty coordinates! Unfortunately, the colour doesn't flatter me at all. She is lovely and I envy her painted nails and updo.

    I don't really know how to mess with my hair and get it to stay a certain way for more than an hour. (so I stick to wigs)Annnd I don't have the patience for painting my nails either. Just when I THINK they're dry..they're not and then become ruined in a chain of events.

  3. She reminds me of Lily Allen for some reason....


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