Monday, February 15, 2010

Lolita Meme Part 8

71. What age should you stop wearing lolita?
I think you should wear it until it doesn't suit your taste anymore.  Age should not be a factor in wearing Lolita.  There are different styles of Lolita for different people.  I am in my mid twenties and love sweet Lolita so much.  But, soon this will not be the style for me.  If I am still into Lolita in a few years then I will move onto Classic.

72. When do you think you should graduate from lolita? And why?
When it suits you to change.

73. "You should stop doing that!!! >_<" What must a lolita not do?
I think when you wear Lolita you should try and represent the best of Lolita.  Be polite, kind, considerate, and an all-round a decent human being.

74. "A lolita should be 'this'!" What do you think that should be?
  The same as the above.

75. Besides #73, is there anything you should definitely not do while wearing lolita?
  Be rude.

76. What do you think of men in lolita?
I think it is great.  Lolita should not be exclusive to girls.  Why should guys not be able to join the fun.

77. Did you change yourself to be a lolita?
Not especially.  I have always been polite, liked pink and girly things, and loved different styles of clothing.  The only real big difference is that i wear a little bit more make-up and spend a little more time on my hair.

78. What does your family and other people think of you dressing lolita? And do you accept it?
For my family it was just par for the course.  They just thought I bought a new dress.  I would have to go to extremes to weird my family out with clothing.  They like the dresses that I wear and my style.  Most of my family is pretty accepting and liberal so they enjoy the Lolita style.

79. How do you wear lolita in the boiling mid-summer?
Air conditioning. 

80. Have you gone to school or work in lolita?
I am done with school and have been so I don't wear it there and at my place of employment I have an ensemble that I have to wear.  This leaves little time to wear Lolita during the week.


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