Friday, February 5, 2010

Lolita Meme (Since everyone else is doing it, peer pressure)

  I have noticed that all of the Lolita blogs are doing the EGL Meme and I figured, "Hey, why not me too?"  So, I will be doing it in installments due to it being crazy long.  Here is the first of many.

1. Screen-name and date of birth, please tell us these~
SweetSuzette and February 18th (it is coming up soon, I can't wait)

2. Height, weight, clothing size, and shoe size?
Almost 5 feet 3 inches, 10ish, and 6 1/2 American.

3. Why did you start to dress lolita?
About 3 years ago when I was living in Philadelphia I bought a puffy black dress and a white blouse with cap sleeves and lace around the high collared neck.  I wore them together with pearls and other cute accessories.  This was a inexpensive and unintentional wearing of Lolita.  I had seen pictures of Lolita in Fruits books but did not know it was a genre of dress.  Toward the end beginning of 2009 I really learned about Lolita and got into it in a big way.  I have always dresses my own style and my own way.  Fun colors, puff, lace, girly, and just dresses and skirts.  Lolita is just the perfect fit for my taste and style.

4. Which style of lolita do you like?
Sweet and just a touch of deco.  So pretty.

5. Express in your own words, the ideal of your above answer.
  I love Sweet Lolita for its unapologetic use of all things girly and feminine.  So much pink, puff, lace, and ruffle.  Sweet just makes me want to smile whenever I see any one wearing it.

6. Do you have piercings? Where?
I used to have my lip pierced about 4 years ago but it had to go for not fun reasons.

7. Which brands do you like?
I love all of the big names. BABY, Meta,  and AP.  Bodyline is pretty good.  I have a few pieces from them like my jacket and it is perfect.  I also like my own brand.  SweetSuzette, of course.

8. Which are your favourite clothes (that you have)?
I have an older BABY dress that is blue and white and it is the jewel of my wardrobe.  I got it on the cheap and am so proud of it.  I also have a blue and white AP bag that is stunning.

9. How many lolita friends do you have?
Just about none.

10. What do you love most about lolita?
I feel lovely wearing it.  It shows people around me how I feel on the inside.  Lolita embodies everything that I love and everything that I strive for.  To be feminine, polite, pretty, and me.


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