Monday, February 15, 2010

Lolita Meme Part 9

81. How do you dress normally?

  Lolita is the norm for now.  When I dress a certain way I embrace it whole heartedly.  I have never been a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.  Even on days when I am going casual I wear a Lolita skirt, a casual blouse or top, and knee high boots.  That is just me.

82. Do you think twice about buying second-hand clothes?
Not really.   Most of my Lolita wardrobe is second hand that I bought on the EGL sales page.  I have a few items from Ebay and F+F that are new.   I have never gotten any brand that is new.  I do want to get a Lucky pack in the next round.

83. Do you have a boyfriend? (or husband?) Does he understand lolita?
  I am married to awesme husband who totally gets me and loves me no matter what.  He enjoys Lolita but he has stated on several occasions that he wished I dressed sexier.  Lolita and sex do not mix.  Perhaps I will have to buy some Punky Hangry and Angry clothes, he would like them

84. Please tell us about your ideal man.
  When I was a teenager my ideal man was a handsom Japanese man who was a snazzy dresser, super nice, had a great sense of humor, and loved me more than anything.  I have pretty much this guy in my husband minus the Japanese.  I married into a big Italian family.  Although he is not Japanese his is something else that I really like in some guys.  He is bald.  I love love love bald guys.  Not balding, a spot of bald, combover balding.  Bald.  I love completely smooth, no hair, bald.

85. What lolita has left a big, shiny impression on you so far?
  None so far.  I tend not to see many Lolita girls.

86. Have you made your own clothes? What are they like?
  I love to make my own clothes.  I find I don't spend quite as much time sewing as I should.  I love to sew Lolita clothing.  All of the ruffles are so much fun.

87. Have you made your own accessories? What did you make?
  Oh boy yes I do!  I have my own shop.  Anything and everything.  Rings, necklaces, hats, headbands, bracelets, brooches, and beyond.

88. Think about the best item you have made! What is it?
A red and white dress that I made for my honey moon.  We went on a cruise to Bermuda and it was so much fun walking around the ship in my fancy red and white dress.  I got oodles of compliments and nice comments from all of the old people.

89. Please tell us about the most perfect lolita coordination you wear?  I love to wear my blue Baby dress with all white accessories.  It looks very snazzy plus I look nice in blue with my pale skin and dark hair.
90. Do you admire someone? What are they like?
  Zoe Deschanel.  She is an actress (500 Days of Summer, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Yes Man) and a singer (She and Him with M. Ward).  She is a girl in her mid twenties who has got it together.  She is pretty, nice dresser, nice voice, talent, and she seems to be very nice.

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