Monday, February 15, 2010

You gotta spend money to make money, right?

  Today I made a couple of purchases.  I am constantly writing down little notes, dates, and reminders and I finally buckled and bought a 2010 planner.  I have a small notebook that I use at work to remember dates and such but I needed something to keep me organized.  I scoured the internet and this is what I came up with. 
  It is the perfect combination of pink, kitties, and adorable.  The inside is very nice also.   It has all the features I want and need.  Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and notes.  

  I also bought a few display items for my jewelry and accessories.  A seller on Etsy is having a February sale where if you buy $25 dollars in items you get a free earrings display.  I love to get free things so I used this as an opportunity to get a few things.  I bought a white necklace display, 3 ring displays, and a ring/bracelet display.  with shipping they came to $40.00.  Not bad, eh?  It will be fun using them for my pictures.  I feel a little bit like a professional now.   I have a half way decent camera, a lighting box and lights, displays, nice jewelry to sell, a knowledge in Photoshop, and a shop on Etsy.

   I will have to post pictures of the planner and displays once I get them.  I expect them to shop up in about a week or so. 

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  1. You take pretty pictures already; I can imagine how amazing they will look with these new displays! (^_^) I am sure they will pay themselves off very soon~! \(^o^)/


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